About Us

Why Ryan Machine Exists:

I started Ryan Machine as a job-shop operation making custom parts and repairs when and where they were needed. Because of this experience, my two machinists and I excel at making quality custom parts and tools.

In 1999, a bird strike made it necessary for me to remove the wing on my Beechcraft V-35B, but the wrenches available at the time were very expensive and we thought we could improve on the design. We spent some time examining several of the Bonanzas in my fly-in community, and developed simple wrench designs that would fit our airplanes.

Over time, we added new wrenches and modified old wrenches to accommodate the rest of the Beechcraft line including Baron, Duke, King Air, Queen Air, as well as the Travel Air.

As the wing bolt wrenches became our core commercial product, I wanted to stay true to the shop’s original intent to produce quality specialty aviation tools by listening to you (our customers)! Several years back, an engine overhaul shop suggested we develop a tool to split Lycoming engines, so we began in earnest making the tool. The case splitting set took more than a year to develop due to the many variations in Lycoming engine cases – the tool mentioned in the Lycoming manuals is only compatible with the older, narrow-deck engine cases, but we wanted to make sure our tool would be compatible with all Lycoming engine cases, and we have managed exactly that with our Lycoming Case Splitting tool!

Our product lines have evolved to service many different aircrafts and engines. We enjoy developing these tools and we hope you’ll find them useful!

Dick Keyt
Founder, Owner


Finding new products:

Our tool development typically begins when someone contacts us with a need for a custom tool, and we determine the demand for such a tool justifies making several. Making a batch helps us to keep our unit costs low enough for our first customer.

We are always on the lookout for new tool ideas, so if you need something that no one makes, or something that is currently too rare or expensive let us know, and we’ll see if we can meet your need!

Our manufacturing practices:

Almost all machining work on our tools is done using CNC equipment. All our tools are plated after all other manufacturing processes for lubricity, corrosion protection, and durability

Additionally, our wrench-type tools (wing bolt wrenches and propeller wrenches) have been machined out of high-carbon 4140 steel and heat treated for strength.

No “just-in-time” inventory:

Let’s face it – sometimes you need something and you need it yesterday. You can’t afford to wait on lead times while your project sits and makes zero (and sometimes loses) money for you, your company, or your client’s company. For this reason we maintain the philosophy of keeping our shelves stocked.

When you call us with that job that needs to be done NOW we can say “No problem. You should see your tools tomorrow!” (just give us a call before 2:00 PM).