Bonanza Control Surface Rigging Travel Board Kit

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Travel Board for use in rigging Beechcraft flight control surfaces.

This kit contains all of the tools required to fix the control surfaces in their neutral position. The appropriate travel board is then utilized to measure the neutral and full travel positions of the ruddervators. The kit is offered in two basic versions. The “early model” version covers the first 2,680 serial numbers. The “late model” version covers all of the V-Tail serial numbers from 2,681 and after.

Kit includes:

  • Travel Board
  • 2 J-adapter attachments to accommodate all Bonanza serial numbers
  • rudder pedal pin
  • yoke positioning collar
  • mixer-arm locating tool

This tool has a pre-sale option. In order to keep the overall cost of the tool low for you, we like to employ the use of just-in-case inventory management which means we will make batches of the tool to meet and support the demand of the tool. We are currently gathering 12 downpayment pre-orders to bring the tool price down to $2,495/set.